Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining Thrapston Badminton Club, then please register your interest via the Contact Us page, and provide some indication of what previous badminton experience you have.

Club sessions at Raunds Manor Sports hall are limited to three courts and, as such, we are unable to cater for complete beginners, or people with minimal badminton experience.

What should I wear? You should wear comfortable sports clothing (e.g. sports shirt, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, sports socks and white-soled badminton shoes or trainers). Black-soled shoes are not permitted, and outdoor shoes cannot be worn on court.

What equipment do I need? You will need to bring your own badminton racket. If you do not own a racket, then please let us know in advance, and we will endeavour to provide a loan racket for the session, and advise on what racket you should buy.

How much will it cost? The first session is free, to allow you to see what the club is about, meet the players, and assess whether you are happy with the level at which the club plays. Subsequent sessions are charged as per the Membership Fees page.

What shuttlecocks do you use? Club sessions are played using good quality feather shuttlecocks, which are paid for by your membership fees. Home league matches also use feather shuttlecocks, whilst away league matches are at the discretion of the home team.